hello, 2015!

one of our cards we designed and printed right here in our basement letterpress studio

                   we’re so lucky to get to work with such amazing couples

With wedding season right around the corner we would like to take a moment and thank all of our 2014 brides for an incredible year! We had the chance to work with some truly wonderful couples and we cannot wait to see what 2015 has in store for us. Check out some of our favorite 2014 suites below!

Creating a stunning invitation suite should be the least stressful part of planning a wedding. To help, we have created a timeline to assist you in the upcoming weeks and months before the big day. With this simple guide (and our amazing Noteworthy* Team) you will have time to worry about more important things, like where you are going to seat your crazy Aunt Ida.

6 to 8 months before the weddingFinalize your guest list and send out Save the Dates.

Save the Date cards are a great way to give your guests a little extra time to request time off of work and book their flights and hotels, without the added pressure of a condensed timeline. They can also be the perfect platform to show off your amazing engagement photos or to set the tone for your big day! Colors, fonts and design can all give a glimpse into what your guests might expect as they arrive to celebrate your union.

Noteworthy* has a variety of Save the Date options to precede your formal invitations. You may choose to match your Save the Date cards perfect to the rest of your paper suite, or you may choose to something more whimsical. Postcards, magnets, and photo cards are other options to create excitement about your event, without giving too much away.

3 to 6 months before the wedding - Schedule a custom consultation and place a deposit on your invitations.

Your wedding invitations set the tone for the entire event. They give your guests an idea of what to expect (and what to pack!) and showcase who you are as a couple. And when it comes to design, the sky really is the limit!

We offer a variety of design and printing options, so whether you’re interested in digital printing, thermography, engraving or letterpress, laser cutting, we have it all covered.

Some details to think about:

How many invitations do you actually need?
Keep in mind you don’t need a separate invitation for each and every individual guest, just one for each household.

In general, an invitation suite includes:
– The invitation
– Corresponding outer envelope (with or without the return address printed on it)
– Reply postcard or reply card with corresponding envelope
– Details, map and/or accommodations card

Some extra embellishments and options:
– Coordinating envelope liners
– Heavy weight card stock to mount the invitations on for an extra pop of color.
– Folios or pockets to mount the invites to and slide the enclosure cards into, especially great if you end up with 3-4 pieces in your suite
– A website, Instagram or hashtag card
– Ribbon, twine, belly bands or lace wraps to hold it all together

This is where your Pinterest obsession comes in handy! It can be very helpful for your stationer if you compile fonts, colors and design styles that sing to you before your consultation. The added visual can help us pull suites and papers that will compliment your tastes, so you don’t feel overwhelmed by all of the possibilities.

(ohsobeautifulpaper.com is a great place to draw inspiration from if you’re feeling stuck.)

From there, we take your vision and make it a reality. You can sit back and relax while we get to work creating pieces that your guests will be talking about for months after. With free digital proofs, we are committed to getting everything *just right.*

Once you are satisfied it’s off to the presses! See how easy that was?

6 to 8 weeks before the weddingMail your invitations and schedule a hand massage. (all of that hand addressing is hard work!)

Getting your invitations in the mail 6 to 8 weeks before your wedding ensures that your guests have enough time to make suitable travel arrangements but is close enough to your date that they feel a sense of urgency to reply and get their reservations in order. After that, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the RSVPs (and compliments) to roll in!

Come visit us!

We can’t wait to help you create a stunning suite for your big day – give us a call at (406) 541 6683 or stop by the shop today to schedule a consultation!

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, a way to bring us all closer together emotionally and culturally, through nourishment, relaxation and unity of family and friends to celebrate the things that warm our hearts and make us feel grateful. I am grateful for so many things; for my family first and foremost, my amazing extended Noteworthy family, our active outdoor lifestyle in Montana, to name a few.

I am also grateful for the bounty that is so accessible to us here in Montana. This hunting season I harvested my first solo buck. It was an incredible experience to go it alone from the first step out into that crisp, brightening morning to skinning and cutting the meat into deep red steaks. There is much debate about hunting, about as much as there is about the original Thanksgiving, but when I get down to the core reasons for doing it they are as much about being out in the woods alone, listening to the tiny creatures going about their work, as they are about organic, sustainable eating and the values I want to pass down to my children about how to care for their families and their planet.

So this year, with my freezer full once again, I’m going to leave the farm-raised turkeys out and cook a more fitting Montana Thanksgiving meal with the choicest cut from my wild dear: the venison back strap.

Here’s a great link to a recipe that I’ll be using this year:


And for sides, I’m going with these:
We can still get local, fresh kale in Montana from our farmers who protect their crops from frost and snow at this time. Here are several ideas for kale sides from Food and Wine:


Sage and sweet potatoes grow well in Montana, and are still available. This recipe I’ve tried many times and love it so very much:


And this squash recipe is the biggest crowd pleaser I’ve ever seen:


I hope you incorporate as many local foods into your own Thanksgiving meal, and that you enjoy the company of friends, family, loved ones and neighbors. This is a wonderful time of year and the crew at Noteworthy sends you happy greetings and lots of love.





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National Stationery Show 2014

by Taylor


What an amazing trip! We had a blast in New York and made some great sales and great connections. Every night and every day was full to the brim_ from the moment we stepped off the plane to catching that last cab to JFK. Even though I have attended the National Stationery Show in NYC for 8 years! … every year has been a totally different experience for me and this year was no exception.

The last two years have completely changed my perspective since we launched our own wholesale line and became an exhibitor at NSS. I thought I had gleaned some insight into what buyers wanted last year when we displayed with the Ladies of Letterpress: I asked lots of questions (of both buyers and exhibitors), got lots of business cards and did my best to follow up. Going all in for our first full booth for 2014 seemed like the obvious next step, it seemed easy enough. In a lot of ways it was, but I underestimated the importance of a few key elements.

1. Planning: I signed up for my booth in August of 2013. I had almost a full calendar year to prepare but as it often goes, life got in the way (Yes, I’m a huge procrastinator). With the store and preparation for the holidays and then the holidays and then the post holiday clean up and inevitable tax freakout_ add two kids, a husband and two dogs on top of that and what you have is complete mayhem. So basically I didn’t really get started until well into February.

2. Our Booth Design: Our booth was fine, but it in no way represented what I feel we are capable of. However, being at home in your studio with all your regular tools at your disposal is a lot different from being in NY with a limited time to make it happen. I was also super concerned about budget_ I didn’t want a $10,000 booth. After much deliberation we decided that this year we would go with basic white foam core walls that cost a whopping $1500_ the custom pantone colored walls were more like 3 grand! This comes back to the whole planning thing_ I would have liked to have made some reusable hard walls, but the logistics were tricky and frankly I didn’t have the time to figure it out for this year. The take away for me was that if you go with white FC walls you need some eye catching decorations to draw in the buyers and get them interested. (We actually did make some wall decor but they just didn’t look right when we got there so we didn’t end up using them.) The good news is we spent just under 5,000 on our booth, which considering the obstacles and expenses, is pretty darn good even if we did sacrifice some style.

Here you can see the “framing samples” as we affectionately named them and decided not to hang… oh well.
The booth in various stages of set-up… hanging the cards took forever_next time_shelf.

3. Pre-show Mailers and Outreach: We didn’t mail anything. I really wanted to but with a last minute snafu with a die I planned to use, I decided to relieve myself of that area of stress. I don’t regret that part, one must have sanity after all. But I realize now, hindsight being 20-20, that I could have printed those way in advance. We did send and email blast which is also important.

Enough of what we did wrong_ here’s a few things I think we did right. Yay go us!

1. I printed enough of everything to get most orders out right away when we got back … small victory perhaps, but it made life easier especially after a particularly taxing few months.

Laying out plates and strategizing.
Production goes full tilt.

2. We found an awesome vintage and antique furniture rental company called Octavia & Brown (thanks Danny of Oh Hello Friend!). This meant no dragging our sorry behinds to Ikea, saving us hours of our lives and relieving the city of the burden of what to do with one more cheap shelving unit.

3. We made a really cute give away. Green and Chamomile teas with letterpressed and edge painted tags. The give aways are my favorite part of NSS and a real chance to show your personality.


4. I talked everyone’s ear off. Sometimes making a complete fool of myself to be sure but talking all the same. I think this is pretty important. If I learned anything the last two years it is that unless you’re… (insert one of the many awesome stationers that we carry in the store here) you have to work hard to make most sales. Especially at NSS where talent abounds. There were a lot of people I met from companies that I would give my right pinkie toe to work with that might not have stepped foot in my booth had I not actively engaged them. I didn’t worry about being annoying, after all one hopes people are there to find new lines, speak with a variety of exhibitors and ultimately to BUY.

Amy & I ready for day 1.
Our Louie nominated Arrow Cards in the Louie Awards Display.

With my list of pros and cons in hand, I am already really excited to start planning for 2015. I have a few ideas of how to make our booth better with out too much stress or expense. I also realized at this show and in the days leading up, what a great support system we have already in place, it seems there is no shortage of companies in the stationery industry willing to share their ideas and knowledge, and I intend to take people up on their offers of advice. If you are reading this because you are thinking about exhibiting at NSS, I’d be more than happy to pay it forward_ feel free to email me taylor@noteworthystore.com.

Days to put up… seconds to tears down.

The very last thing I did in New York before I left was go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I hadn’t been since I was a child with my mom and I am so glad I went. Though I wish I’d had the whole day, I left full of inspiration, ideas and color palettes swirling in my head … now to act on them.


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love in the new year :: january 2014

by Taylor

The night  I met my husband, I went home and told my roommate I had met the man I was going to marry. Nearly sixteen years later, we can say with gusto we are happily married. And while I wasn’t always “lucky in love” I certainly had luck on my side that fateful night.But as you may know, marriage is not always bunnies and unicorns. Our schedules have become fuller and time passes too fast. There are days where the extent of our communication is what’s for dinner?, or a peck on the cheek as I’m running out the door. Therefore, it is my resolution this year to be more connected … not only to my husband, but to my family, my friends, and even to my customers. I aim to be present; to soak up the moment; to put my phone down and bring my eyes up; to slow down and appreciate all that we have.

My commitment to this resolution so far has been in baby steps – turning off my phone; putting down what I’m doing to truly listen; looking people in the eyes; giving more hugs. And how perfect is it that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! In love, or not, this holiday was made for connection. To connect, physically, emotionally, in person, on Skype, on paper –  Valentine’s day was designed for this!

So, excuse me, I need to start writing my love letter now … to remind my husband, but more importantly, myself, just how lucky we are.

Best wishes,
Amy Dolan, owner
with Taylor Valliant, owner

get organized : planners and calendars 

Did one of your New Year resolutions involve getting organized in 2014? Don’t fret, we still have a great selection of Moleskine, russel+hazel, Graphic Image and Cavallini weekly and monthly planners.

Plus, our desk and wall calendars from Snow & Graham, Cavallini, 1canoe2 and Claire Emery are functional works of art when it comes to staying on the right page throughout the year. And the good news is, they’re now 25% off! Wahoo!

Use product code CAL2014. Shop Now.

Hearts Smock boxes
We stock more than just items to help you manage your time. You can use our fun file folders, Smock storage boxes, clips, cases and binders to keep your desk or home clutter under control. Stop our by store or check out our online store to peruse our selection of everything you may need to stay ahead of the curve in 2014.


newly engaged? :: come talk with us!
Did he pop the question over the holidays. Or, did she get down on one knee on New Year’s Eve?If so, now is the time to set up a consultation with Noteworthy to discuss your save the dates, wedding invites and day-of paper goodies.

Some of the companies with whom we work are running special promotions right now, so it’s a great time to stop in. We pride ourselves in carrying options for every design style and budget. So come sit down with us and tell us your vision for your perfect day! We will work with you one-on-one to explore the possibilities for your wedding paper suite.

store spotlight :: wee gallery
We can’t tell you how excited we are to be carrying items from the husband and wife design team at Wee Gallery. (They should be arriving any day, We’ll keep you posted!) Surya and Dave Pinto (along with input from their son and daughter) produce a line of art cards, activity books, blankets and more designed to appeal to children, from newborns to older girls and boys.
As they say on their website, their inspiration came from learning that “newborns can only see 12 to 15 inches away and they are most taken with their parent’s faces and black and white geometric figures. Experimenting with the latter idea, Wee Gallery was born.” The black and white hand-drawn animals in their cards and coloring activity books stimulate creativity in children of all ages!
get crafty :: fortune cookie valentines
paper fortune cookies

We found the best idea for homemade valentines ever over at Allison Kreft designs! She has a fantastic tutorial on how to create these adorable fortune cookies out of paper, complete with love note “fortunes” inside. As she points out in her blog post, this project is perfect for more than just Valentine’s Day. The paper cookies would be lovely as favors at bridal showers, weddings or baby showers as well. We recommend taking a look at her tutorial yourself, then stopping by Noteworthy* to purchase your supplies!

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Noteworthy Holiday Window 2013: The Making of…

by Taylor

Right now I am remembering to stop and take a deep breath … there I did it.

Remembering to breathe is something I have a hard time with in the month of December. Between getting Custom Holiday Card designs printed and out the door (order yours here!), stressing over Holiday inventory to chauffeuring the kids to their various winter activities, it is a nutty flurry (or blizzard rather) of activity. Last Sunday, the temps outside reached a record 25 below and I must admit I was totally psyched to spend an entire day in my pajamas. It was a welcome calm, like the eye of the great hurricane that is my life during the “most wonderful time of the year”_ the holiday season.

Last week Amy and I finished our 6th Holiday Window display. We spent a little over a week painting, cutting, drawing!, and burning the midnight oil. Arguably, we should start this a little bit earlier, but in truth we work better under pressure, despite the resulting dark circles under the eyes … this little elf could use some of that “long winters nap”!

Pass the Rum Egg Nog.

And please remember to VOTE

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Noteworthy Windows

by Taylor

When we moved into our space over five years ago we knew from the get-go we were going to have to come up with some pretty amazing window displays. Measuring 18 feet long by 8 feet tall, our store windows are a floor to ceiling experience on the outside and on the inside. Over the years, they have ranged from sublimely simple to seriously tedious … we have spent many a night working ’til the wee hours, often to the surprise and amusement of the “last call” crowd. I love that feeling I get in the middle of the night looking across Higgins at our new window alight and blazing with accomplishment. Like most aspects of running a small business, it is a labor of love and Missoula has loved it back awarding us 4 Missoula’s Choice awards for best window display and Best Overall Holiday Window for 5 years running. Here’s a look back at some our faves.

Noteworthy’s First Christmas

Explorations in paper fashion & paper decor…

My personal favorite… the feathers were all cut by hand from old sewing patterns and vintage writing paper and held up by a strip of plywood I cut with my new best friend, the jigsaw.

For this one we made a couple big panels out of plywood, painted them midnight blue and glued broken shards of broken mirror to give our trees that icey wintry look. The dress was made out of paper and invitations salvaged from defunct invitation and stationery albums.

Nothing says summer like giant tissue flowers! I loved looking at these everyday.

With our most recent window, we had set out with the hope of doing something simple and elegant, but it ended up being our most elaborate. The stenciling of the window alone took a whole week of nights to complete. And then another week to add all the details. I loved this one because it told a story and we got to use a lot of antiques that had been passed down from my grandmother.

Right now our window stands empty. In October we will be displaying the steam roller prints again and after that we will have another christmas window in the works. As of yet we have no solid plans but it always seems to come together best in the wee hours of the night.

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The Montana Bridal Expo

by Taylor

We had a blast meeting brides-to-be at the Montana Bridal Expo! We love working with brides to select the perfect invitation at events like the Expo because the beautiful details of the wedding day should be manifested in the invitation. The invitation is a beautiful, tangible representation of what the wedding will be like. From colors to stock, to wording to style, the invitation gives guests a sneak peak of what is in store.

Thank you to all the brides who stopped by our booth to see our designs. We invite you to visit us at our store on 101 S. Higgins Ave for a custom consultation. Bring your swatches, Pinterest boards and ideas. Click here to visit the Pinterest page for Noteworthy Paper & Press.


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Bon Voyage!

by Taylor

Fall has come to Missoula fat and golden and almost overnight. While we Noteworthy* girls are settling in for the chilly nights with green tea, down jackets and our letterpress to keep us warm, lot of our friends are going on vacations or snowbirding south for the winter. This fall migration inspired our Bon Voyage roundup of the perfect gifts for a friend who is going away.

1. These darling mini-suitcases from kidstyle are the perfect vessel for a bon voyage gift. Fill them up with travel sized bottles of fancy toiletries and accessorize with a luggage tag your friend can re-use. Wooly socks and an eye mask wouldn’t go amiss, either.

2. This pad of Pack This! lists from Knock Knock reminds you to pack everything from travel documents to your cell phone charger.

3. This rad viking ship Bon Voyage card from Sycamore Street Press is perfect for a friend who is off to pillage or just enjoys the gold foil stamping and fine letterpress printing of the card.

4. This Roma Lussa journal is handmade in Italy. Its leather string closure makes it a perfect travel journal because it closes tight around post cards, train tickets, and the deep thoughts your traveler friend will think in a Parisian cafe.

5. This map of the world wrapping paper would make the perfect wrap for a globe trotting friend’s gift. We can even gift wrap for you!

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Noteworthy Letterpress: Orange you glad…

by Taylor

I am in love with this color. I’m not sure what’s come over me, I haven’t felt this way about a fluorescent since the eighties. After a long hot week in Missoula, Courtney (our shop manager extraordinaire) and I were looking for something fun to do on an otherwise quiet Friday afternoon. This color is anything but quiet by the way. Courtney came up with this great little hand-set letterpress greeting card design, letterpress printed on Waste Not Paper stock. The fantastic and beautiful background paper shown in the following photos is from Egg Press and is available at Noteworthy Paper & Press;).

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